Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey people! It's me :D Just a vain post actually, since I have some spare time. This was last two weeks, after the renovation of Iciban Boshi.

 For Tamago Mentai...we still prefer Sushi Zanmai. lol.

A pic of us! :D

Ohhh, I just realised that I have not post about my Bangkok trip yet? loll. It was about 5 months ago. haha! And I will be going there next month again. Sigh. The shitty things always happens after I plan everything so well. My exam falls on the last day of my Bangkok trippppp! Really shit to the max. *big sigh* 
Any solution?
Ohh, resit is still better. If retake the whole sem, you better kill me!
Cancel the trip? Rm1000+ gone gone gone
The better way, buy another air tickets and return one day earlier.
Any other better ways? Ohhh noooooo. 

Hope everything can be solved and fine soon. God blessssss!

Awww...our exhibition(final year project) is just around the corner. Hope everything goes well.
Come and support if you have some spare time! ;D
Grab some D.I.Y, cupcakes and cookies for yourself  ;) 

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)
29th - 30th July 2013
10am - 5pm


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