Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bangkok ♥ 14 & 150813

Morning! It's about 7.30am now and we were ready to go down for the breakfast :D Yeapp, we are early bird! haha :P

omg, I just looks so tiny beside him D:

比我还爱美 -.- loll

Breakfast =D

Smile :) haha

Today we're smarter on picking food. Just choose the one that is delicious and we like :P

Coconut again! lol

After the breakfast then walk to the Erawan temple. It's just about 10 mins walk from our hotel.

I was so exhausted x.x 

and awaken after heard about "food". hahaha. Just kidding =P

This fellow looks like we owe him thousand billion. loll

Rest and babbled for a while and then next station, Chinatown! :D
See, my hubbie boy was already so hungry. haha!

Tuk-tuk to Chinatown!

See who's behind? A group of insane people. hahaha :P

We were here! 

Erm..actually there's nothing for me to buy there. lol. But if you want to look for some herbal, shark fin, birdnest, or even gold, this is the place you must go! We saw a lot of shop selling gold and shark fin all the way. And they said the shark fin here is much more cheaper compared to our place. 

Everywhere is selling this, pomegranate juice.

It's 100% handmade thou! :)

Awww, my friendssss, Cherries :D haha!

Woohooo~ fried chicken againnn ♥♥♥

Alright, lunch time! :) 

As I said, shark fin is much more cheaper here so it's a must to try! haha

This is just RM30, such big bowl of shark fin! lol. It's real, but some of them find it fishy and taste different from our place. 

After our lunch then we found a birdnest shop. But seriously, the birdnest here isn't cheaper than our place, but it's not bad to have a try here too.

A little cup of ginseng tea was served togther.

This time we were on an old style Tuk-tuk! teeheee :D

The exterior design of this Starbucks is pretty special.

Finally we're back to our hotel! lol

Took a shower and a nap then went out again for dinner :D

This is the building of Siam Paragon.

And Siam Center is just beside it! 

This looks nice ♥

Ohhh my baby! What are you doing? =O

Are you ready?? 
Yessss, we were here!!! :D
It's the famous Magnum Cafe that I wanted to go so so muchhhhh! Awww I was so freaking excited! :D

These is just lovely and awesome! ♥

Yeappp, it's very scrumptious :D ♥♥♥

Love the interior design and the ambience here ♥

Macam Yesss :O hahaha

Our second round dessert! hahaha. Now you know why we eat so little just now? Cause we saw this on the way to Magnum Cafe, and it's so dilemma to choose one between this two. So we decided to try both! haha ♥ :D 

Just now that one is very cool style, and this is cute style ♥

Who loves bear bear must come here!! Trust me! ♥

Their menu looks so dull right? Seriously, their food is not so special as well. They just good in the interior part. lol. But not bad to have a try here too, the ambience is nice and the it's quite unique. At least you could have a lot of lovely photos of the bears. haha!

Bye bears! ='(

Tadaaa~ 我的战利品:D Yeahhh, I know it's not so many. But I just felt satisfied compared to the first time I've been here. I just back with one set of clothes. Ohhhh, so sad. So now I'm already so happy :D ♥♥♥

As you seen, we just kept eating dessert just now and totally forget about our dinner. So here's our dinner. haha! :P

DAY 3 -150813

Going back soonnnn ='( Gotta go back one day earlier alone T_T 
He seems so sad as I was leaving soon..but in fact he were so excited to stay there one more day without me, I presume? hahaha.

Breakfast before leaving :)

Oops, she failed to make it this time :(

Yeah, coconut again. I also couldn't remember how many coconut we have drank in this two days. lol. And in this morning's breakfast, my greedy hubbie boy already took 3 in one breakfast. I don't know how many coconut he drank after I left, I bet he's becoming a coconut man soon! lolll.

He sent me to airport after our breakfast. From our hotel to Don Muang airport, only around 160 baht, means about rm16. That one is for the meter taxi, follow meter will be cheaper, I presume. 

Bye byeeee :'( I don't want to leave and go for exammmm T_T

Alright, the photos below was taken by my hubbie after I left. 
They went to find this kind of disgusting thingy!! Ohh goshhhh. Luckily I wasn't there! 
How can them put this kind of awful and disgusting insects into their mouth?! Omfg. 
My hubbie wanted to try it so much. Before I left he already chattering there that he wanted to find fried insects to eat, and luckily he didn't found when I was there, hahah! After he ate, he told me that the small one, like ants still okay. The bigger the insect the smell-ier the it is. Awww, sooo disgusting!! D=
But actually if you dare, it's not bad to have a try as well! 

Awww I just love the sky so much! It's just like you were on thousand billion of cotton candy! haha :D 

This is trip was really fun and memorable! As this is the first time hubbie and I take plane together and the first time I take plane alone! Felt more independent after this flight, and realized that it wasn't that scary and difficult because everything you don't know you can ask the people around. Still remember that one year ago I still felt scare taking lrt alone, and now I could take plane alone. loll. But too bad that this trip hubbie and I still didn't get the chance to sit together :( Anyway, we still have a lot more chance to do it :D

Awww, my exam is over now! :D but I still worrying about it, I just want it to pass! Please don't fail me!! :( God blesssss.

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