Saturday, October 29, 2011

26 October 2011

 Outfit of the day.

Had an outing @ 1 Utama today with the long-time-no-see-bestfriend, Moon =) Actually not long time no see also la..just long time never hang out with her. lol :)

Anyway, since I haven't take my breakfast yet but don't feel like eating too much, so Sushi King will be the choice. I know...I said I'll never go Sushi king again isn't? hahaha. Sorry laa.. forgive me la:P

Our purpose to go there today is actually to look for some nice clothes and shoes. Am seriously flat broke now. But don't know why, freaking feel like buying things this few days. Ishhh :'(

We then changed to Sunway Pyramid since 1u has nothing else to do.
Ended up I also didn't buy anything. lol. So went to Dragon-I for lunch :)

Didn't take the photo of my favourite fried dumpling since I was so hungry and lazy that time :P

Met Chicken Hee when we strolled around. I didn't see this fellow like centuries already! lol. And the last sentence he said was "find one day go out together la". Waa..macam yes. I believe after today I will not get any msg or call from him for sure =__= This guy can't be trusted hmmm -___-

Anyway, had a nice day with Moon today :D Must have another outing with her soon. But must be when am in the black first la. haha :P

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