Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Had breakfast @ Paparich with Mr.Liu before the classes start :)

Baked toast + Half boiled eggs is always the perfect match! ♥

Awww can't belive that my last-min-work is there too! haha. I love you, Mr.CMK!! ♥ hahah.

Went to Sushi King @ Subang Parade for lunch after class :)

And I've bought something from Guardian,

Amanda told me about this, so I went to find. And I bought 3 big packs because the girl said it's only RM10 wor. lol! There's 3 packs in 1 big packs. So mean I've bought 9 packs. hahahah. Craziieee me :P
And I've bought this too, it's a makeup remover. My friend said it's good. As mine is going to finish, so I bought this and try ;)

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