Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wellow :D Since am nothing to do now, so think about to do a lil update for my blog :)

Ohhh, finallyyy I knew why I don't get any earning from nuffnang == If not mistaken Hope I can solve the prob asap :)

Alright, am getting fatter and fatter now :( I wanna start diet, but I just can't stop myself to eat when saw those tasty food especially fried chicken :( For me, eat is such an enjoyable and pleasant thing. Can save money for anything but not food. My stomach is my treasure thou :P
Some more am a super lazy bug. I ever THOUGHT about exercise to lose my body weight. But..I really sooo lazy to move. So next plan please. hahah.
So...anyone have any other way to lose weight except exercise?? I need to expunge all the fats, especially the leg ==

I ate a lott of unhealthy and oily food this week :'( Fried chicken, nasi lemak, Chicken chop, Pizza hut, tom yam...awwww. Terribleee :S I will try to be a half-vegetarian next week. heheh.

This semester is coming to the end d. So some lecture class of certain subjects have stopped. It's too bad those boring lecture class haven't stop yet -.-
Final exam is just around the corner :'( Hope I can pass it all with flying colours :D And there are just 3 subjects for this final -.- hope the 3 subjects will be in the 1st or 2nd week*keep finger crossed*, so that I can have a longer holiday! :D

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