Friday, May 6, 2011

Am working today :) Cause why? cause am so hardworking~ hahahah. k la k la, just kidding. Don't take it serious.
Got up at 7++ in the morning to go breakfast with Moon and her family as her dad was the one who send us to work. If am not going, I will have no transport to go work. Some more am really bored and feel dreary for the food that I takes for my breakfast everyday. So yea, I want something new.
Uncle brought us to Tropicana for this Wan Tan mee(Drumpling noodles). So you can guess how toothsome is it :) Teehee :D


And yea, its really nice! Especially their Cha Siew, freaking tasty!! ♥ And their noodles also different from others. Its not black in colour, and the taste is totally different from those I ever ate :)


Their dumplings are so big! One of them can even replace three of the normal one. haha.


Uncle ate curry favour :)
Anyway, thanks for treating, uncle ;)

Well, sneaked out to buy my Chocolate cream chips while working. heheheh. :P
Awww, I miss it ♥



Moon's Green tea cream :)

OMG. Mother's day is coming. Means my purse is going to bleed so badly soon :((
Have to buy for mom, kai mom, grandma...sigh. My salary is going to finish soon. And I still have to buy a laptop, bags, and some stationery for college. Sighh.

Have an outing tmrw. And am sure am going to be flat broke soon -__-
Sigh. wish me good luck. lol.

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