Saturday, December 11, 2010

Got a super-dreadful-bad-news yesterday.
Alviss had passed away.
Awww. I felt sooo shock when hear that. Really can't believe that it is truth. Even am not so close to him, but at least he was my friend. So sorry and kinda sad when got the news. I dunno whats happened between him and the girl. But I don't think thats a good way to overcome the problem. Some more they are just coupled for 4 months. sigh. Anyway, hope he can rest in peace..

Well. Am not finish my exam yet. Still have art paper on Monday. But seriously, I don't have the feel to draw AT ALL.
Had been to The Curve on 9th Dec. But didn't take any picture since my hp have spoiled and the money to buy my camera had some problems so can't get a camera so soon. zzZ.
Am working recently at Damansara. Not bad :)
Sigh. Hope I can get the money to buy a camera soon so that I can refresh my so-darn-dead-blog =.=

Stay tune for it ;)

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