Thursday, November 25, 2010

History paper today.
I really feel like burning the history notebook that I got from the seminar of "K" tuition centre after I've done my history exam.
Not because of too excited that I finally needn't face the history anymore.
you know what? The buku ramalan contain 35 pages and none of them come out from the exam.
All but the Nabi Muhammad saw. Its better don't write =.=
I ever thought that may be the first set and had leak out so that they changed to another set. That's why the questions become thoroughly different with what the tutors or teachers predicted.
Am entirely desperate of my history paper now.
BM still okay. I least can pass la. lol.
And am not really confident for paper 2.
Hope the rest will be easier. Otherwise I really can't imagine what my spm result will be. sigh.
God bless me.

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