Friday, July 16, 2010

Went to Ker house after school. He asked me to help him to stick on some wall stickers on his new house's wall. So I'd promised him. Brother what~ aha.

Here are my works.



Not that difficult actually. Just need to tear off and stick it onto the wall. :)


Even this also I can do! MEN NEI SEI MEI~ (cantonese). muahaha.

I'd followed them to furniture shop to buy some lamp and table those.
I saw a lot of furniture. And I love it so much!
My desire for my dream house is getting stronger now. I really want to own a house very very much and I would decorate it to become super nice!
But you know what...a lamp is already like rm100-rm200.
Try to think...
What is the cost of the house?
After bought it, how about the money for ornament?
If I don't let it become as beautiful as I want, I rather don't buy the house then.
Which means, I gotta save alotttttt of money to do all that!
How am I going to earn the adequate money?
Now the fees for college also I don't know how can I pay. Aikz.

MONEY MONEY MONEYYY. I need you so muchhhh!

And I want you, tx5.


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