Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had my lunch with Trista and Sean just now.
Trista drove. She drove! HAHA.
Actually I would not feel worry about her driving skills la. Don't know why. Even she told me she almost accident last night -.- LOL.
Since she has a car, I can watch whatever movie that I want to watch instead of keep urging my friends to accompany to watch it until my saliva dried -.-
cause its kinda wasting money too if just because of wanna watch movie, you gotta take a cab to there and back. Very inconvenient.
And she told me that MEGA SALES is started!
OMG. Why did she told me that? I'm flat broken :(
Never mind. Next year bahz. I will shop kao kao that time! hehehe.

Someone spammed my blog again.
Wondering why they are so free. Do something beneficial please. Get a life.
Will make it private soon if those fribble keep on writing some nonsense here.

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