Friday, July 9, 2010

9th July 2010 @ The curve.

Had a day out with the peers yesterday.
Our purpose to go there was to watch the movie, Eclipse.
Yan yee was the one who invited us, who knows she fell ill yesterday. So not coming with us. Too bad :(
Anyway, I thought we could not get the tickets because the movie just shown on 2 or 3 days ago, if not mistaken.
But luckily we are managed to catch the movie!! :D
Its exceedingly nicceeeeee!!! ♥
Freaking romantic thou! Its too bad am not watching it with hubbie. :'(


Alright, we'd planned to go back after movie as I was superb hungry! ahah.
Suddenly Amy said Kuowei and Weichuan wanna go yum cha, they asked me to go too.
So we went to SS2 for our supper.
I was hungry like hell, instead their food are served first and I was the last one. ish.
Some more the french fries was soo....Grrrr. Not much different with rubber kay-.-
so the conclusion is, No way for me to go back again for the chicken chop.



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