Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am so sad that I couldn't been to Bukit Jeluntong for their carnival today.
Because I had a tuition in the morning, and I have no transport to go there though.
Mr.Liu told me that he work as...aiya...don't know what la.
Gotta guide people into the haunted house, gotta LET girls hold his hand.
Ish. I confess that am a green eye monster. But I really don't like it.
My sis went there too. When she came back, she brought back the roses.
She told me that it is bought by Chun ye.
I was so happy that time. Cause I really love roses a lot a lot.
I thought he knew that, thats why he bought me that.
But when I asked him what flower I like, he answered me "Carnation?". lol.
btw, the roses is so beatiful. I love it so much. Thank you. :)

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