Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26.August.2009 @ Sunway Pyramid.

went to Sunway with my sis today, then wait there alone -.-
Met with wei seng around 1.
He told me that he will bring his friends along.
but i dunno that fellow, so i asked Darren to accompany me.
Before Darren came,
we went to A-LOOK,
wei seng bought a spec.
hmm quite nice la actually. lol :)
Met my darling Jean and Fionna afterward.
Both of them looks pretty too without make up
jealous sial. lol (:
Then met with wei seng's NEW FRIEND.
May be they will couple some day, who knows? ahaha.
Well, Darren came around3.
He's coming with his 3 other friends.
We have nothing to do at sunway, its really so bored -.-
so, we went to McD.
On the way to mcD, i saw the monkey, Ken Ming. lol
He's getting leng cai, man!
i can't really recognise him! ahaha
So yeah, prittle-prattle at mcD for a while.
Went to arcade afterward. Saw Jean's bro at there. But never say hello to him, cause we're not really close. lol.

Chilling at Baskin Robbin before the movie is start (:

Banana singing "An Jing". lol. The guy is so funny! but its too bad i've forgotten his name =X. Oh ya! don't forget to ask him where's the toilet when you saw him! *You guys will know what i meant if you did it. lol* So yeah, managed to catch the movie, Dance Flick. We're laughed like hell all the way. lol.

Joined my fam after movie, then ciao from pyramid around 7 plus.

Anyway, i had fun today! Thanksss. :D

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