Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Utama @ 11&12 JULY 2009.

Outings with the couple[Trista & her bf] and my baby today. Trista and I go ahead around 12. Did some shopping then taken our breakfast at Sushi King. One of my fav! ;)
Met our ws around 4. My bf call Wei Seng, and her bf call Wee Sean, so we used to say our ws. LOL. Well, four of us went to Honeymoon for yum cha session after the movie, Obsessed. (:

Going back to baby's home around 7. The lil annoyer came to our room and disturbed us before we hit the sack. lol :D

Went for breakfast with baby's family in the morning. Ate dim sum. ILOVEIT!
Camwhoring in the car. :D

I look so damn fat in this pic. I uploaded this because Moon moon is the one who took this pic. :D

See. Auntie and uncle look so sweet! (:
Went to Digital mall & Carrefour after breakfast. See, this lil girl like to pose even in a trolley -.=T ahaha. Cuteeee, btw! :D

Baby's sis.

Bought my fav biscuit yesterday! woohoo~

Bought a kitty pocky and a lunch box, too. :D
Got home around 3 just now. Feel so exhausted. Gonna take a nap soon. Ciao! ;)

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