Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's just a vain post. Feel like want to blog but, seems like nothing to write about. Hmm okay, let's start it!

Friendship of us is fadding.

Ms.Tan Ching Moon got fever. *H1N1? @.@*

Ate a lot just now -.=T

I hate PBSM! >.<

Getting stranger with baby these day, hope can meet him asap, if not...

Don't feel like want to stay at home in the weekend!

Wanna watch Transformer & Ice age 3! [3D]

My cerpen have not done yet. Dying Soon! x.x

Miss my darling Jean so darn much!

Moral project have not done yet, too! OMG.

Should go on diet SOON. ahaha

Pizza? Sushi? McD? KFC? Domino? Chicken chop? Buffet? Oh my goshhhh, STOP IT please!

Feel like something to buy, clothes? stationery? shoes? $$$$$$ [=.=]

Enough la. Stop here. Ciao~ Teehee! =]

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