Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's freaking 2.30 now, and I got up around 2 due to diarrhea. watthehack -.=T. So now I am struggling to hang on until 6 plus then go to school directly. ish. Gonna to take my report card later. At first, I am still worrying about my mom will get heart attack after saw my result but now, I am totally don't care about it, cause my mom will not going, she's NOT FREE! and my dad gotta work. muahahahaah. Hey people! any plan for this weekend? Don't feel like want to stay at home, it's terrible! Well well well, so.. what can I do now? any suggestion?
Went to ching moon's home with yan yee afterward. Her family went back to Ipoh, so just we 3 girls stay at home. As you know, I got up at 2 plus today. So yeah, I'm tired like hell! Suppose to take a nap but then suddenly black-out! WTH! Tried to find something to eat but it just leave some cup and instant noodles. Since I don't really know to cook, so I had chosen the cup noodles, easy and fast. aha! Went to Shi kai's house at noon, cause they have a tuition class at there. It's been a while i saw Shi Xin. She's soooo cute! ;) hmmm I'd lazy to write the rest. So ciao! (:

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