Monday, June 29, 2009

28.JUNE.2009 @ The Curve.

Went out with my schoolmates today. I don't really make up(: I doesn't have a nature beauty face but, i'll try to make it ;). Sing K session was just indispensable! :D a V.I.P room for Very Important's PEI, muahahaa. Oh ya, saw Feeder today. I'm so surprise to see him there, cause we have never met before, so this is the first time we met! HAHA.

Went to The Apartment for our lunch (:

Alright, Hau yen bought me a shirt today, so I treated him for lunch as well :). So yeah, that's what I did today. Feel like want to do some shopping again. I've some plan for this Saturday in order to let myself rotting at home,lol. Plan A: Went for swimming with my sidekick. Plan B: Went to The Curve with Trista, her bf, and of course, my baby will going too(: Alright, it's just my own plan, perhaps I will be ffk by them at last. =.="


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