Friday, July 24, 2009


Oh my goshh.. I got sick these days. Have to take 7 grain of medicine once, meant 1 day gonna take 21 grain of medicine! What the heck.. I hate it, I hate the word "Antibiotic". Urrgghhhh! Some more, the doctor told me, if the medicine doesn't work, then gotta send me to hospital. Pray for me, people! ~_~ huuu..Never go to school today, and I was absent from my tuition class today, again. Perhaps the tutor might thought that I'm a lazy girl. Yeah, absolutely I am. == I'm sorry teacher, pardon me. Btw, Mr.Leong Wei Seng was going to cc while I'm as sick as a pretty dog. urghhh~ mou leong sum ah~~ T_T

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