Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suppose to discuss about the assignment of designing a magazine with my classmates today. We did really discussing initially, but ended up just non-stop-talking. This is what we're used to do usually. lol. Alright, I'm just realized sometimes a guys/girls can changed a friendship between a good friends. May be I will face it some day? OH NO, I don't hope it will happen on me, I love my baby so much, and I know he did so (: Alright, mommy cooked fish and chips to me for my lunch. Awww it's sooo tasty! :D.

It was given by my cousin, today is her baby's plenilune (:
I am very excited now, cause I can meet my darling Jean tomorrow. Woohoo~ I do miss her so much, like what I did as usual :D.


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