Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's f*king 6.49a.m now, and I got up at 6a.m just now. I forgot to silent my cell phone, so my phone keep ringing early in the morning. I can't put up with the noises so I took up my hp and see which bastard that keep annoying me. At first, I saw the message from Chui yee, she asked me to give her a call after I wake up. I had received 2-3 message from her. But I'm so lazy to read it, and the last message I got from Tritsa, told me that she's not free today. Asked me change to another day. WTF. She used to ffk me la weiyhh! but I'm already used to it likewise-.- Seriously, I don't like people ffk me. IHATEIT. I'd tolerant her cause she's my cousin, but for others, I'm really can't tolerate. Alright, may be I will upload later on. Ciao first!

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