Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3.June.2009 @ Sunway Pyramid.

I kena ffk by Ms.Ang Lay Yee. I repeated again. HAHAHA. But I'm still going with Jean, cause I miss her so much! ;)
Took my hearty breakfast before going out (:
with a cup of Lemon Tea. *my fav* :D
Went for Dragon-i to take our lunch.
She is sooo sweet. :D
Watched the movie, Terminator Salvation.
It's such a nice movie (: {recommended}
Then Haagen-Dazs! :D
She took out her shoes. Why? ask her la. lol.
See~ she's so awesome! :*)

Met up with Vinccy, Yi sheng,Ping yee and Qi Ying today. Vinccy was look so cool with her new hairstyle, cool yo! ;) Anyway, I had a nice day with Jean, she's so sweet. Thanks, darling. :)


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