Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 16th birthday. :)

23.JUNE.2009, birthday Ms.Ang Pui Ling (: Thanksss for your people's birthday wishes! ILOVEYOU all! ;) Celebrate? hmm just celebrated by with my schoolmates. I ain't going out, cause it was schooldays. Well, the first cake we ate was baked by Samuel's auntie. The cake is so tasty! Thank you, Sam! :) We ate the first cake while recessing, and the second cake had eaten by us after school =]. Sigh. Guess what? I thought baby is the first one who wish me happy birthday. When I got up, I took up the cell phone and desired to saw the message from him, but I ain't! So I asked him, "nothing to say to me?", and he told me "I love you". You know what? you will look freaking despond at the moment, if you were me! Until evening, I told him, "Until now, I have not hear the word 'happy birthday' from you yet!" Then he answered, "I can't be the first one, so I wanna to be the last one." Ok well, forget it. And the most disappointed things was, he's not the last one! OMG. You're a successful guy, Mr.Leong -.- Well, don't talk about him anymore, CHILL -.-
Don't talk about before or after 23rd June la hmm, the most[message]:

- earliest

- sweetest

- longest
Chun ye.

- latest
Cappuccino flavor (:

My fav cheese!!!! :D

Thanks your people! ;)
I U all!!!

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