Sunday, June 21, 2009

[20&21.JUNE.2009] @ Sunway Pyramid, Summit

Went to Sunway today with my baby boy (: It's been a while I meet him since birthday Kuan yee. Awww I miss him soooooo damn damn much! Suppose to do some shopping today, but there have nothing that I want to buy. So just bought some clothes then he was dragged me to take the photo sticker. HAHA!

After took the photos, our tummy was playing the drum! So yeah, went to Dragon-i for our lunch :D

Managed to catch the movie, 17 again after our lunch. Yeah, it's kinda funny and so sweet! woohoo~ ;)
Went back to baby's home afterward and met the lil sweetie, moon moon! HAHA.
This pic look so blur, but you guys can saw her cute face still. Teehee =]
Tadaaa~ did my belly piercing today. :D
We were so bored at home, so went to Summit for cheong K session! Century Club, it do look so nice and service is so good! Don't try to press the SERVICE keystroke, trust me. lol.
The menu with touchscreen funtion. (:
Moon moon was came to our room and sleep again. lol
so cute sial!
She was not really fell asleep in this pic. She just posing cause I'm taking her photo. lol
Summit again. To brought the present for father's day.
First, should crammed ourselves with some food. HAHA.
I bought this and a couple shirt for our 8th month anniversary. (:
And the present for father's day. :D
Baby, I will not dump you; before, now and future. You're a good guy, a good son, good friend and a good boyfriend! I'm so happy that I can being with you in these 8 months. You'd tolerant me at all the time to prevent any argument happen on us. I knew that, of course. I'm so sorry if I did anything that offends you. Baby, you know what? The moment you hugging me, your heart is talked to me, it told me, "you're everything to me". :)

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