Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess what? I cried in front of my teacher and classmates today. Teacher has instructed us to find a cerpen and bought it to school today. I didn't hear it and no one of my friends tell me about that. So when teacher asked me about it...
Teacher: Where's your cerpen?
Me: I don't know it at all, I meant to find a cerpen.
Teacher: I told it so loudly in front of the class, don't you hear it?
Me: Teacher, I'm deaf in one ear.
*Normally you will thought that I'm cracking back to you, if you were the teacher.*
Teacher was looked at me for awhile..
So I repeated it. When said it at the second time, the tears were start swimming in my eyes. Then the teacher saw it, and asked me don't to cry. After the words she spoke, my tears was spilled from my eyes. I'm okay, but I can't stop my tears to spill out. It's the first time I cried in front of the other people. Teacher, your fault! lol.

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