Friday, June 26, 2009


Has a tuition class later, and I'm going, of course! (: yeeeee~ got to school tomorrow!! don't feel like going but, i've no choice. lol. Alright, got a called from baby just now. He sounds so sad. Must be something happened on him, but he doesn't want to tell. So yeah, as a understandingly girlfriend, I would not asking him about that since he seems so emo. lol. Well, he will tell me afterward when he want to tell :D. Feel like going out tomorrow, but baby gotta work, so..SIGH. *shaking one's head* My daddy is whipping my brother right now. I'm in my own room but, i can heard the sound of my bro and father still. Poor him, but there's nothing i can do. Can't be I go and scold my dad right? lol. Never mind la, just give him some punishment. He's quite annoying sometimes. lol. What a bad sister :P. Okay, I think i should stop here, my tuition class is starting on 7pm. CIAO! ;)

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