Friday, May 8, 2009

Urghhhhhh~!!! got up at around 8.00a.m today. I already used to wake up so early, so that I'll wake up early in holidays too. DARN. Well, had a tuition class last night. omg. I hate summary! I know summary was so darn easy, but I am always be the last one to done it. Even the one which failed English in pmr can faster finish it than me though. urghhhh! I've nothing to do in this boredom morning absolutely. Alright, I found out some pic from those old album. Let's show you guys! ;D
Jerica Chou. I knew her since I was in standard 2, but we're seldom contact now. Because after primary school, we're studying in a different school and stay in different places. btw, I miss her so much! ;) Ng Wei Hann. haha! It's been a while I meet up with this fellow. lol.
I think he's getting leng zai ady. Right? lol :D.
Loh Kar Soon. I know him since I was born in the world. ahaha. Wondering why I've never mention him at my blog? because I'm not very intimate with him. haha. You don't know him, so you wouldn't know why. He don't like to talk, and he wouldn't look at you when he's talking to you. lol. allah~ I already used to it.
But honestly, he's kinda charming now ;).
Alright~ this lil cutieee named Cherrie Ang Pui Ling. muahahaha.
my beloved parents. :D
yeah, this is the uncle that I mentioned on my previous post. I miss him so much =(.
ahaha. I should show this to you guys. can you recognize it? Of course, It's Sunway Pyramid :D.
I realized that old time's pyramid really have nothing much. lol.

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