Friday, May 8, 2009

booo~ feel like wanna update my blog but I've no idea what can I write about. lol. Nahhh~ this is the pic I took just now, without make up and editing. Don't be scare~ haha. Cosmetics and those photo editor helped me alot. hmmm I think not only me, haha anyway, I don't care to let you guys saw those ugly pic of mine. Because I aldreay have a boy friend, even though sometimes he will critcize or hope that I will look great without make up too *wth==*. Never mind la~ I still have my darling Jean~*sinister smile*. Alright, It's been a while I hangout with her. miss her like crazeeee, man! Well, I will meet her in the holiday on June. I'm sure! haha :D.

yeah, I drew it few days ago. I found out it kinda look like a badge. lol

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