Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 7 months anniversary.

There's a man in my life, he meant everthing to me. Last year, I had a boyfriend, we love each other so much. He's so romantic, and yeah, he's a honey-mouthed boyfriend. We are so happiness but ended up we're broke. He left me, for no reason. I used 5 months to forget him and I met my current boyfriend afterward. The 1st day we met was 31th August 2008. Already 7 months we've been togther. However, I'm still in the same way. I needn't a handsome boyfriend. I'm just need a man, that can take care of me all the time, love me, and loyal to me. He's giving me what I want. I'm so sorry to him, cause I'm a cranky girl. I'm always shout at him when I'm not in a good mood, but I'm not allow him to do that. Sometimes when he's upsetting, I was just be silent. I really don't know what can I do. foolishness me. As time goes on, I realised you're a dependable boyfriend (: I don't hope we will break up for any other someday. I love you, and I'll proof it to you. *huggiiesss*

xoxo :*)

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