Monday, May 4, 2009

I like babe! ;)

booo~ a little baby girl was born today! That's my cousin's baby :D. *have no name yet now,will tell you guys when I got it =]*. Alright, feel like own a baby at the moment. lol. I like those kids so much! Prefer between 1-6 years old one, because after the age's children will start to make trouble ==. Actually I haven't seen the baby yet. So yeah, I'll show you guys those photos when I met her ;). Well well well, chatted with Jeromy today. He was showing his nephew to me. Awww what a chubby boy. haha! :D
Alright, show you guys the picca I took. =]

The baby was playing his styling gel, he knew what is that use for, so he keep used it to rubbed his head. lol.

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