Saturday, May 2, 2009


muahahahahaha. FINALLY I can blogging! My pc had some problem last few days. So can't online for 2 days*sob*. I'm absolutely have nothing can do at home excluding online. lol. I don't really like to watch tv actually. So..yeah, just keep eating keep eating! OMG.. I ate so darn much these day! and.. alright, I confess that I'm really so darn lazy to do my homework. *sigh* never mind la.. copy from my friend tomorrow*sinister smile*. Well well well, lazy to update anymore, just let the photos to do the talks. ;)
deng leng~ I got the 1st place of the creating card. :D
These cake and tea had eaten by me yesterday.
I was so boring, so decided to edited them become more prettier, just like me. haha xD
these bracelet was my uncle bought for me when I'm still a child.
The uncle that I love the most, and of course! he love me too =D.
but it's too bad.. he's not with us now..
get what I meant?
Alright, this picture is what I drew just now.
can you recognize who is it?
If can't, never mind, I can take account of you guys. ==
different hairstyle? haha :D

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