Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hey people! I realised that my school life is getting interesting :D. Had a oral test of BM today. yeah, I hate bm, but I've to do the test as well. Eventually, I got 31/40marks for it, It's keeps me satisfied :). Alright, today was staying at music room for 3 period before recessed to do your practice for the drama next week{Teacher'sday}. The worse thing was happened, Ms.Lai Kuan Yee's shoes was lost. Don't know which fellow stole it. lol. Pity lah her, hope the one who had stolen her shoes will be out of luck for 1 year. muahaha. Oh ya, Afiza was changing to another school without telling us. Is it a surprise? lol. I don't think so. All those Malay girls was crying like hell! and some of Chinese, too. I don't even cry at the moment cause I just knew her start on this year, but It's kinda sad to let her go, cause she's such a nice friend. Anyway, I can't stop her though, so.. wish you good luck here, and take care! ;)
look at this. We saw it in the class, and it was died. It's too bad, cause it's pretty beautiful, right? (:

had a Bio experiment today. That's a disgusting experiment! cause It's using our saliva. Yiaakkk~ Disgusting sial :S.

I'd brought the camera to school today for Moral's project. what am I doing? o.O Ciao~

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