Thursday, May 14, 2009

hey peeps! Ms.Tan Ching Moon was absent today, due to her nephew. The lil boy vomited on her uniform. muahahaha how poor was her. hmmm actually I shouldn't laugh at her, cause today I was so alone while recess. Luckily Jun er and Zoe yee were there, and I was following them to the library, not bad la. haha (: Alright, I think you all was starting for your mid-year exam right? but I haven't yet. So yeah, tomorrow is the first paper I take, and the paper I'm gonna to take are Physics and BM. I'm just finished my revision for Physics, and later will be bm turn. Urggghhhh! I should study seriously this time, I wanna pass all the subjects! And I think I should go on a diet soon, cause I realized that I'm getting fatter these few days. omg~ I should do a lot of revision to cover for the time to eat. lol. Well well well, hope I can do it. haha! Wish you all good luck in the exam :D. Ciao!
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