Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ms.Chen yue lun.

Alright, went to Sunway yesterday with Demi and Trista. After accompanied Trista bought something, she was going to find her boyfriend. So well, suppose to catch a movie since we're nothing to do. But too bad, the cinema was full of people. I don't want to become sardine, so we decided went to Haagen Daz for yamcha. It's been a while I hang out with her. So many things wanna to share with her, and of course, her too! ;)

Not bad. =]

After that, went for a window shop then Demi felt like want to go Gasoline. Because we're really so bored and we've some friends there, Nicholas and Kit. The Kit was really so damn funny. And the Nicholas too. He have a big and charming eyes. Awww I like it. I think he will be flying in the sky if he hear it. So..don't tell him. haha!

Oh ya, we saw a little boy licking the mirror at the shop beside Gasoline. He's so cute but so dirty. lol. It's too bad I forgot to take the picture when he's licking the mirror. haha! Alright, after yamcha with Joon Sean. Demi's dad came to picked up us and went for dinner with her family.

I was stay overnight at Demi's home after we have eaten our dinner. While demi was bathing, I had chatted with her mom. I was enjoy with talk to her mom. Her mom is so sweet, just like her. haha! ;)

After taken my bath, I was chatting with her until 3am++. We're shared our secret to each other. I feel so good after that. Because sometimes we got something that made us feel so depressing so we should find some one to talk. It will make you feel better. Really. =)


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