Monday, April 6, 2009

night market.

It's Monday again, the day I don't like the most. Due to the two days of holiday, Saturday and Sunday. It made me feel so lazy to attend to school on the next day, meant Monday lar. That's why I always say that my school life is routine*sigh*. Hmmm seems like nothing much to say. Going to night market with Wen later. I think I'll buy a lot of food. Especially my favourite Taiwan fried chicken fillet. Sooo tasty *.* haha! Alright, chow first. Continues later! ;)

woohoo~ just came back from the night market at SS2, It's so fun that go out with her family. They're so funny! :D. I have eaten many things just now. Damn full sial. Alright, today's bm period was so interesting. Because we're talking about GHOST. lol. For Chinese custom, banana tree was so ghastly, we believe that the ghost like to stay in the banana tree. But for Indian, they're believe that the ghost like to stay in the mango tree. Our BM teacher is a Indian, she told us many horrifying story. Sorry, lazy to tell here. haha. By the way, I like to hear the a ghost-story but I don't like to watch any movie about ghost. lol. Shhhh.. I think I should stop here. Because now ady 10++pm, I don't feel like want to dream about THEM later. haha. Well, chow first. have a nice dream. ;]

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