Thursday, April 2, 2009


My cousin was came to my house today, she called Annabel, a lil girl that's only 8 years old. When I'm home, she's already at my house. I'm wondering why did she came here? I meant my home. Usually I talk to her in Chinese. So I asked, "你做么会走过来的?" *our solecism. lol* Then she answered, "我不是走过来的,是妈咪载我来的" wth.. I'm really don't know what can I say at the moment, mommy and I was non stop laughing when she gave me the freakish answer. LMAO. Alright, my mom was helping her friend to take care her baby, so the lil baby boy is at my home now. Annabele was playing with the baby boy. She told me that the baby boy look like her toys -.=T, and she asked me, "Jie jie, what he want to be when he's grow up? Oh no, how I know? the baby boy is only 2plus months now, haven't even know how to talk, how to stand, how to sit or whatever else, yet. So how do I answer her question? lol. She's sooo cute! *sometimes lar.==* haha. Oh ya, some more she used my hp and text baby, and the funniest is, baby still sms with her~ muahahaha. Alright, chatting with Mr.Apple just now. He told me he had a blog. So I asked for the link and suppose to visit his blog. After I click it, I'm feel so regret why does I asked for him. == .Nahh~ here the link. Click it and you'll get what I meant. Oh yeap, yesterday I go found teacher and supposed to made a request that change to another stream. The teacher bla a lot of crap and ended up rejected my request. wth.. It's okay, because I got to know that want to pass those subject - physics, chemi and bio it's only need 20marks. teehee. So yeah, just let it be. Alright, got to go now. Have a tuition class later.
Alright, just came back from tuition. And got baby's called while I'm having tuition. So after I'm home, he called me again. And he told me that he's in the tuition centre's toilet. But I don't think so. Actually he was at home and not going tuition, but he keep denying. So yeah, ended up he was told me the truth. See~ I know you! Actually I know what are you doing and what are you thinking most of the time, so don't try to lie me, thanks. lol. Fine, talking about tomorrow. Suppose going to mid valley. But according to the text message she send me just now, She seems like want to ffk me--. So yeah, try to asked darling Jean, but I can't reach her. Don't know why. *sigh* continue tomorrow. Chow!

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