Sunday, June 10, 2012

Had my brunch with Mr.Liu at the Domino's Pizza nearby my college today. My purpose to go there was actually to take photo at NewBlack Coffe shop, which is right above Domino.
What photo? For the photography -.-
This is the first time I heard about do sketches before you shoot a photo. Damn stupid lol.
People used to take photograph when they saw something nice or when they're in the mood. I don't mind if my tutor see my blog post, just want to let him know how pek cek we are =.=

Alright, so brunch time! =D

Onion rings


NewBlack @ Genting Klang.

Chiling session with the ex-colleagues at the night. Had some dessert at Tong Pak Fu @ Kota Damansara while waiting the other two guys. Oh goshhh, I was wondering what this two guys were doing? Why so slowww? -.-

Kinda busy recently.  Will try to blog often. Sorry readers! =(

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