Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fish & Co @ One Utama

Fell sick last week. A whole week. How pityyy =( But no worries, I'm fine now :D
The most toturing thing when sick is take MEDICINE. Omg, especially the pill type one. I am very bad in shallowing pills. And the med I've got are sibeh big one. Urgghhh. Don't want to get sick anymoreeee ='(

And I've dyed my hair the day before I fall sick. Milk Tea Brown this time as Mr.Liu said this colour is nice and he like it :)

My face just so paleeeee, I know. :(

Didn't take any photo of food that day as I suddenly felt ill. Didn't have appetite to eat at all. And I always eat the same food, so no need to take photo laaa. hahah.

And this is another post of the day before I fall sick. I make this two post together as they both are short.

Love their ice. Nice to biteee! hahah :P

Their fish and chips are sooo delectable!! Love ittt

This is nice! I've forgotten the name. Just know it's serve with CHEESE

I'm soooo busy with my assignments lately, pardon me for didn't do any update for blog. Promise will blog once I free! =D


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