Thursday, December 8, 2011

8th Dec 2011 @ Sg.Wang

Went to Sg.Wang today with Mr.Liuuu :) Gotta take lrt and ktm again :(

Now only I know that they changed it from card to token. lol.
1107 > Our anniversary :P

Had our breakfast at McDonald before going to take monorial :)

 This burger is nice :D

Walked a whole afternoon also can't find any clothes I want :( So went to sing k with my classmates to celebrate our dai ga jie, Janice's birthday in advance :D

Can you guess which one is the birthday girl? Is it the middle one, the girl in grey? hahah. Actually bday girl is the one who holding the cake! xD

Had great fun with them! :D Happy birthday Janiceee! :D ♥

Before going back, shopped at Time square and finally found the clothes and high heels I want! There's some boutique at the floor below GSC. Those boutique are selling the clothes like what we can get inj Sunway Pyramid for RM60-80 but there just sell for RM25-40. But normally RM25 can't try one. So depends.

And I bought a heels for RM139. Heart kinda pain :( But it's okay, heels normally sell with this price one..some more I can hardly get the shoes I want. Either is no size or no colour :( So this time kinda satisfied :D

And I wanna get a perfume too! Either Gucci Envy Me or Especially Escada.
They having promotion now. Only RM255 for Gucci Envy Me, with a mini Gucci Flora perfume and hand lotion  as free gifts.

And Espically Escada with RM239 together with the free gift of a shower gel or hand lotion. I don't really remember this :S

Anyway, gotta save money from nowwww!! :(


  1. hey the heel not bad :) same like you when i always found the shoe that i like it will always no size or colour so sad :(

  2. yealoo :( Sigh. Wish you will get the shoe you like soon too! ;)


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