Thursday, December 8, 2011

4th December 2011 @ Delicious Cafe.

Had an outing with Mr.Liu today. But this time we went out at noon, and it’s really difficult to find a parking D:

Sushi King for our lunch. Hehe. Aww I ate a lot today :O Normally I ate 3 dishes already feel fulled, today after 3 dishes I still feel like eating :S Ohhh noo. Luckily I still able to control myself not to eat too much! Haha.


My purpose to go 1u today is actually to look for some high heels. But I can’t see any nice one L I mean..anyone that suits me? Lol. 

Saw these dolls @ 1u. Its sooooooo kawaiiiiii!! :D what hope I can bring one home :(

Teatime @ Delicious.

And Mr.Liu’s chocolate is nice too! :D Got mashmallow insideee

Ya, the cheesecake is not bad :D

And this macaroons! :@ I ordered a pink one but she served me yellow :( Next time must get the pink one! :P

Played with Mr.Liu's chocolate :P

After had some dessert, met up with my sista and accompanied her to look for her camera. Finally she bought a Sony TX10. Just RM1100++. It’s affordable for a student actually.

And I recalled when I got my DSLR. Before I got that, I wanna get a camera so soooo much! But after I bought the DSLR, I wasn’t that excited as I expected. I wondered why. Until today I accompanied my sis to buy camera, only I realized that I myself actually wanna get a digital camera instead of a DSLR :S But I never regret because I still need it on my studies Just hope that when I have extra money, I will buy one more digital camera or semi-pro! Ohh  yea, am thinking to buy a new lens for my camera. But it’s kinda expensive :S So yeah..will try to save money to buy one :D

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