Sunday, August 21, 2011

20th August 2011


Went to Damansara for breakfast with Mr.Liu early in the morning :)



Aww. The staff still can recognised me :O Even I didn't go there for about half year d :S haha.

After the breakfast, went to my ex-shop to find my buddies and the boss :D Actually I'd plan to rest for one week to enjoy my holiday then only start working. But since the boss said he has not enough staffs, so I have to work start from the coming Monday =.= Ohhh my holiday~

Oh ya, I went to my first lesson of learning driving today. This is the 1st time I drove. Awww. So damn gan jionggg you know D: Luckily nothing dangerous happened :P Anyway, hope I can pick it up well soon :)

Next post is coming up ;)

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