Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A random post.

An old pic of mine.

Ohhhh, am sick. I just felt that am so tired actually, but my boss said that am sick. So yea, I think he's right as he is a doctor. Took some medicine just now. And yea, my throat feel very uncomfortable. And I still ate fried chicken just now. Awwww, you know? I love fried food a lottt. Especially fried chicken! Urgghhh.I think am going to have sore throat soon. Eeee. I hate sore throat! but I love fried food. How how how?? sighhhh.

Those new uniforms are arrived today. Seriously, it looks freaking ugly =.= Luckily Shirley saved us! Shirley, one of our customer. She came today. And when she saw the uniform, she was like, yerrr why choose black? You know? I was absolutely agree with her! haha. Anyway, I just work til next week. So I will not care about it. hahaha.

And yea, thanks for the caring from all of you. Am alright now :) And I wanna thanks Vincent. Even I don't really know him, but I was happy that he called me when I need someone to talk to. It made me felt better. Thanks a lot :)

Lastly, wanna wish chicken Hee...Oops. Sorry. Today is his birthday, so I shouldn't call him like that. Only on birthday k? You're still chicken Hee after today :)
k la, Happy Birthdayyyy :D

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