Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Went to PSN[pusat sains negara] today.
So.. needn't to study for a whole day! huuu~ :D
I just keep eating in the bus, and they were talking non-stop, as usual. lol

Its cool!

How crazy are we lol


Saw the ugly brain? its so damn disgusted!

Look at this! it was me la actually. We're trying to act like so horrible. But we aren't. ahaha
See~ the lil bird bone is so cute :D

Ciao-ed from there around 1pm.
After got back to the school,
we have to pratice for PBSM.
Its so damn bored, seriously
i'd offered my suggestion but, they was like.. urghhhh!
i wanna quit it,
but teacher don't let me to quit cause there are not enough people. wth
Alright, feel like changing my style
most of my friends said that my old pics is nicer.
So.. feel like cut my fringe.
what about you?
any suggestion?

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