Monday, August 24, 2009


lol i met a kook just now, on msn.

HIM: hi
ME: hey
bla bla bla...
HIM: why you in my msn list? you admire me?
ME: lol i thought you added me?
HIM: OMG. I don't like girl! why you in my list? i rarely add girl in msn.
ME: how i know? i never add anyone to my list.
HIM: you like me?
ME: Of course NOT! i dunno you at all.
HIM: haha ok
ME: lol
HIM: I'm gay. i like guy.
ME: i see.

what the heckkk.
Its that any problem if he is a gay?
hmm i meant.. that's not my business.
i'd really speechless that time. lol
OMG. i'm really so damn bored at home!
sigh. why i'm like saying the same thing everyday? -.=T
k la. CIAO la.

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