Saturday, August 22, 2009

22.August.2009 @ One Utama.

It's a rainy morning, i like this weather :)
supposed to sleep until afternoon but, guess what?
I got up at 8++, as usual. damn.
After taken my breakfast,
i've nothing to do.
Feel like talk to him in the rainy morning, dunno why. lol
But he never pick up, might be working?
So yeah, Jason came to pick me up around 2.
Went to 1u.
headed to cinema and watched the movie, G.I.Joe.
It's such a nice movie! ♥♥♥ [recommended] :D
Went to Sushi King for dinner afterward,
then brought some Japanese snacks! :D
After got home, i got his called.
He asked me about the call this morning?
then we were started with our topics.
He told me his plan in this hols.
telling happily..
he seems happier, than last time.
Even you told me you're not that happy, as i think.
i know you're just trying to comfort me.
You had found what you want,
perhaps you had made a right decision :)

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