Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i was fall asleep just now
suddenly lee min called me..
have to say sorry to karmen mow
cause of her, i can be safe in M'sia. lol
btw, i can repeat again that i never try to pretend.
i'm not acting innocent.
i just write out my feeling, as you all
when i say i'm right, u all will say that i'm wrong.
when i say i'm wrong, u all say that i'm acting innocent.
So what can i do is just don't mention about these all anymore.
I said sorry to Karmen,
cause i will say sorry to a person when i really did wrong.
if that's not my fault, so why i gotta say sorry?
Anyway, just want to let you all know that i'm not trying to destroy the friendship between you all.
Sorry for my words and thanks for teaching me what to do.

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