Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family day :)

It's freaking 3:24am now,
and yeah.. i woke up at 2am! wthhh.
Well, i never take my breakfast ytd.
as you know, i'm not in a good mood yesterday.
my dad keep blah me.
So yeah, in order don't to let him worry too much.
I'd decided to have my lunch with him. aha!
Went to eat bah kut teh, long time never eat it. lol
then went to Econsave.
my mom wanna buy something.
So i bought some waffle and eat while waiting for them (:

My dad was going to Ipoh at 5pm.
before he went there,
we were going to the ktv which for the elderly people. lol
my dad like to go there,
he like to sing, SO MUCH. lol
since he gotta go Ipoh soon, so we would like to spend the time with him :D

haha. alright, same thing to you, again.
Take good care of yourself, daddy.
Don't worry about us, we will be fine here.
but you must miss us kao kao you know? haha.
IMISSYOU, dad :)

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