Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Utama @ 18th.JULY.2009

Outings with my schoolmates today, again. I don't really make up when I'm outings with them usually.Alright, We got there so early. Went ahead for the movie, Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince. I like it! Even I haven't seen the Harry potter 1,2,3... Btw, the movie is so awesome! Go watch! :D

Having our lunch at Sushi King after movie.
The girl with white shirt was Yan Yee, and the black shirt one would be Niko.
Niko do look so sweet, kind and tiny-.- aha.
After taken our lunch, shopping session! yay. But I just bought a pair of shoe. Cause I have not much money to go for shopping anymore. ish. Well well well, guess what? I bought it again! Yeah, my fav! panda panda panda. Woohoo~ aha :D

Alright, something happened just now. It might be my fault? So yeah, I'd said sorry to her. I'm not used to say sorry to anyone when I did something wrong, even my mom too. I would say sorry to the one I'd cherish. So.. get what I meant?

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