Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schooldays. :D

Well, saw it? It is the marks for my Chemi paper. How dare you upload and told us this, Cherrie? ahaha cause I wanna to let Jean know that many people is worse than her. I'm the first one! HAHA. Don't cry my darling, you're the best! :D Oh ya, gotta tell you guys something that unbelievable! Guess what? Today I just realised that my Chemi's exam paper haven't hand in to teacher yet. WTH!! How come right? I also don't know why I'll never hand in it, may be I was in the trance at the moment or what, but what about the teacher? She never check it? OHNOOO!! An exam paper that handed in after two weeks of examination lol. This was the first time I heard that some one forgot to hand in their exam paper, and it was happened on me! lol. Luckily teacher accepted the paper still, but seriously, accept or not is just not much different, I meant the marks. lol. Alright, some one wrote a letter to my friend yesterday. It's laugh my ass off! haha. Okay, I write some of them to you all.

I hate you, I never want to see you again.
If you change school, then I'll feel very excited, FOREVER!
Looking at you makes me uneasy,
When you're calling my name, I'd really want to give you a slap!
Your voice give me a terrible headache,
The moment I saw your face, makes me want go to hell,
I hate pineapple, but I hate you more!

ahahah funny right? XD. I think that's wrote from the guys from the next class. They're so lame, but so humorous! HAHA :D.
Alright, This was made by Weng ker, yesterday. Not for me, don't worry :D.

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