Monday, June 15, 2009

13&14.June.2009 @ Genting.

Went to Wen's house after tuition. Yeah, I was sleeping overnight at there. Yum cha session at night at mamak, with her fam, lol. Her dad was so damn hilarious. We gotta wake up early in the morning on the next day. So her dad told me, "eyh, you have to use 1 plus hour to put on your make up right? In order to sleep more, you may make up later then straight away go sleep, so tomorrow just change your clothes then can move on ady what. " wth. ahahah. Some more I'm lazy to tell la. Me, wen, her bro and cousin was set out first. Cause the others were been there around 5pm. So we went there by bus, then cable car. WTH. It's so damn much people queued up there. But it's okay, cause I saw a super duper handsome guy there! He is a foreigner, with blue eyes and brown hair. Awww he was driving me crazy *.* HAHA.

Alright, where did I pointed to, where was the leng zai been. :D You guys wouldn't saw his face, cause I'm doesn't meant to take his photo at first. I just wanna to show you guys how many people there were. =]

Let's start off here! ;)

We can't see anything here excluding Mr.Digi. lol

This baby was her mom's friend's daughter. So cute right? like a tweety bird! :D

Pop corn is her fav. She will be stop crying immediately when she saw it. lol

My new friends, from Iran. lol. They were so damn funny! :D

Can you see me? *John sena's slogan. AHAHA*

This crazy girl was me! HAHA.

This curtain had been destroyed by me. ahaha
Meet the tweet bird again on the next day. :D
Went to Snow world. I'm wearing short pant that day. Cold like hell!
I was absolutely frozen. ~_~
The girl which wearing pink colour jacket look so sweet, but she'd looks so exhausted in this pic. lol.
Taken our lunch before going home.
Got home around 4pm. Had dinner with my fam afterward. I got Wei jie's message while going home. Guess what? the sei zai came here by his bicycle. wth. From ss15 to Kg Baru Subang, crazy man! The point is, he's not coming to find me, he just wanna to know where do XXX live in. See~ I know you, you wouldn't treat me so good, my dumb son! -.-" Anyway, you did it! I'd proud of you too. :D

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