Saturday, June 6, 2009

6.June.2009 @ Weng ker & Kenneth.

Outings with the Weng Ker and his cousin today. "Jalan jalan cari makan", we were wasted a lot of time for thinking what we gonna to eat, and ended up we're going to Sunway. ish -.-" Today was public holiday, so that the car park was full like hell. Used a long time to find the parking. Exhausted. Went to the Pasta Zanmai for lunch. Having our meals with very cozy atmosphere (:

Weng Ker's.
and Mine (:
Met Angelyne and Vinccy there. I realised that Angelyne is getting thinner la, jealous sial. lol. Going to Weng ker's house for swimming afterward (: I realised I'm period after swimming, wth!! No wonder I'd feel so dizzy and freaking exhausted. ish! But it's okay, we're still going to Old Town for yum cha session afterward. HAHA. I can't drink any cold drinks, cause I'm period!! -.- urghhhhh.


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